Birds of Masai Mara national reserve


Birds of Masai Mara : Maasai Mara as a tourist destination is well known for its amazing wildlife at the same time a true haven for birdlife it is the second with the highest number of species in Africa. this reserve features a number of habitats conducive for great bird watching for example the richly forested areas, swamp and others surrounding the two permanent rivers the Mara and talek flowing through the reserve which is a popular habitat for hundreds of birds.

Birds of Masai MaraThere are Approximately 450 species of birds in Maasai Mara but its well-known for the rosy-throated long claw and magpie shrike and other Popular Species like Rosy-breasted Long claw, Secretary bird, Kori Bustard, Southern Ground Hornbill, Schalow’s Turaco, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Red-necked Spur fowl, Red-winged Francolin, White-headed Vulture, Temminck’s Courser, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, -chested Swallow, and Southern Ground Hornbill etc.

 if you interested in bird watching, the best time is from October to April however you can do birdwatching at any time of the year it is so adventurous as You get to know and name bird species by sight and sound in their natural habitat. This adventure is usually conducted by a birding specialist Masai guide together with our guide highlighting many of the birds you would likely see.

Below are some of the bird species in masai Mara National Park their habitants and food

Bird species Commonly known for   Favorite meal
Saddle billed stork Stay around the Outskirts of the swamps and can grow up 5 feet. Cat fish
Madagsar squacco  An endangered species spotted between October and may Feeds on insects , small mammals and lizards .
Ross’s turaco and Schalow’s turaco  Found along the edges of the riverine forest.


Mostly consume fruits seeds, flowers and snails more so in brooding season
Vulture Guinea fowl Known for their gorgeous body and typically “homely” looking bald head. eats seeds, worms, and insects.
Yellow-billed storks and sacred ibis known to hunt side by side, Mainly feed on small fresh water fish and aquatic insects
7 species of kingfisher Found along the rivers and most famous for hunting. Feed on prey (fish and sticklebacks)
Lesser Flamingo Commonly known for its bright pink color and staying on the shores of lake Nakuru Eat crustaceans, diatoms, aquatic plants and algae
black-headed heron Stay in the swamps Their diet include ;fish, insects,earthworms,snakes,rodents ,birds and eggs

Lappet-faced Vulture


Has a very powerful beck and can attack live animals feasts on dead carcasses
Ruppell’s Vulture


 highest flying bird in the world, with a wingspan of 8 feet.



 They can eat the hide and even bones of a carcass.


The Little Egret Spotted on  Lakes like Naivasha, Amboseli, and Lake Baringo  feed on fish and small amphibians.



The Crowned Crane Commonly known for performing courtship dances and live in the grasslands near rivers and lakes .they are omnivores Eat both plants and animals

Masai Maras’ endemic species include the Tara River cisticola, the Aberdare cisticola, Hinde’s pied-babbler, William’s lark, Sharpe’s pipit, and Clarke’s weaver.

Bird of masai mara

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