Game viewing drives in Masai Mara Game reserve

Game drives in Masai Mara Game reserve : Apparently if one hasn’t opted for hot air balloon ride , the obvious  means of explore wildlife at the mara national reserve is through  the safari  game drive. The game drive takes you into several of maras sites in search for wildlife as you drive across the exclusive camps,  along with some of the most professional safari guides that the park offers.

The most amazing location at mara brings opportunities for best of the photographic sessions one of the prime souvenirs (photos ) to take back home with you    after the safaris. The drive is conducted in a 4×4 vehicle which is highly adaptive the nature of terrain that Masai mara holds. The drive  is conducted by our highly  experienced drivers/ guides  who have mastered the  reserves tracks and where to access any  kind of wildlife thay are search for.

While on the game drive, you will site members of the big 5   ie  lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinos,loepards, other wildlife include wildebeests, giraffes, cheetahs, warthogs , antelopes,  zebras, kudus,  hartebeests, gazelles hippos and many more. Later after the game drive, one can head back t the lodge for relaxation.

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